written  endorsements

“Please join me in offering your support for Christine Frizzell as Lynnwood’s next Mayor. Your endorsement is important and is an acknowledgment of your enthusiasm to continue the Vision, Leadership, and Compassion of my work over the past seven years. I urge you to keep this great city and diverse community progressing responsibly and compassionately by endorsing Christine Frizzell. Follow my lead! Keep Lynnwood alive and continue the momentum with Christine’s inspiring leadership.”   ~  Lynnwood Mayor Nicola Smith

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"It is my honor to endorse Christine Frizzell for Mayor in 2021.  I have worked closely with "Chris" over the past decade and know her to be a person of high intelligence, great capability, deep compassion, and sterling integrity.  I was among those who encouraged her to first run for office and was delighted when she succeeded in her second attempt at Lynnwood City Council, when she succeeded me in her current position and, essentially, took over my portfolio with work in finance and diversity/inclusion.  She has been an outstanding councilmember, something recognized by her peers when they elected her to serve one year as council vice president followed by a year as council  president.  I am confident that Christine has the wisdom and experience to be a worthy successor to our estimable Mayor Nicola Smith.  Ms. Frizzell has my highest recommendation."  

  ~  Rev. M. Christopher Boyer  Past Lynnwood City Council Member

“I’m excited to give Christine Frizzell my full endorsement for the next Mayor of Lynnwood.


Christine is smart, financially savvy, broad thinking, has excellent interpersonal skills, commonsense and a servant’s heart.


It’s critical with our growing and changing city that our next Mayor can continue the positive and responsible direction we currently are in.


Christine will be able to continue and build upon these positive local and regional relationships because of the depth of her current participation, continue a structured financial plan for our city and balance and plan for the issues that will certainly come with growth.


Personally, working with her on council leadership, Christine was the hardest working, most diligent City Council President we’ve had. During the unprecedented Covid19 year, she managed keeping all of us on track and in the loop while also balancing her dedicated, heavy work on the county’s health district board during pandemic.


Christine also has unique experience with public safety as she served us well as a Fire Commissioner for our South Snohomish County Fire Department for two years as we transitioned from a city department to collaboration of multiple departments into a Regional Fire Authority.


  ~  Shannon Sessions     Lynnwood City Council Member #7 and Executive Director of Support 7


The City of Lynnwood is transforming from a bedroom city for Seattle into a major, self-sustaining metropolitan city – the leading and influential hub of South Snohomish County. Part of this transformation is residential housing growth that includes multi-residential and single family, small and medium businesses, arts and entertainment, ethnic diversity and cultures. Affordable housing is a major human issue facing Lynnwood. Affordable housing and housing challenge are not problems unique to Lynnwood.


These are critical, crisis problems facing every city and jurisdiction in America. However, the solution will require a mayor, with a proven track record of working with others, with a futuristic vision, inclusive and collaborative leadership style and acumen, passion and compassion for existing and future residents.


Lynnwood needs and deserves a mayor who has integrity, effective communication skills, including listening, situational flexibility, interpersonal relationship skills, who respects others and garners respect. Christine is the only mayoral candidate who has
these qualities and reputation.

In three years, Lynwood will become the transportation hub for South Snohomish County. It will require skillfully honed relationships at every level of elected and government officials - locally, regionally, and nationally, engagement with local businesses and community organizations, and compassion for individual residents to effectively manage this transformation change.

The City of Lynnwood has a superb record and reputation for its sound fiscal management of the taxpayers’ money. For example, the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) has awarded its highest recognition - Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting annually since 2016. Christine’s solid financial
background will provide the leadership necessary to continue this impeccable record and accomplishments.

As a 43-year resident of Lynnwood, I love and have witnessed the turnaround leadership, recognition, accomplishments, and momentum generated by Mayor Nicola Smith during her two terms.


Let’s continue this momentum, excitement, and progress. I humbly urge you to vote for Christine Frizzell for Mayor on Tuesday, August 3, 2021. The very future of Lynnwood is at stake.

  ~ Wally Webster


Christine Frizzell will be a great Mayor of the City of Lynnwood. Christine is not a typical  politician but an active listener who works hard on the Lynnwood City Council for the residents  of Lynnwood. Christine Frizzell grew up in Lynnwood, attended Lynnwood area schools and as  Mayor wants to give back to the city she loves. 

As council president, Christine Frizzell led by example and earned the respect of city staff. Just like former Mayor Tina Roberts and current Mayor Nicola Smith, soon to be Mayor Christine  Frizzell has the admiration and the confidence of Lynnwood citizens. 

Christine is a successful small business owner for 30 years and has the vision and the ability to  bring people together to solve complex city issues. Christine Frizzell is the right choice for  Lynnwood Mayor and I endorse her wholeheartedly. It’s a no brainer! 

  ~  Sid Roberts, former Lynnwood City Council member.

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The past seven years in Lynnwood have been a powerful testament of what dynamic leadership can bring to a community. No longer backward looking and constrained by inadequate leadership, Lynnwood has blossomed into a vibrant, fiscally-sound community of growth and sustainability. And with a comprehensive approach, Lynnwood is embracing the needs of diversity, affordable-housing and transportation.


It goes without saying, the leadership of Mayor Nicola Smith will be missed. Fortunately, a person of stellar character, a person who grew up in Lynnwood, has her own business in Lynnwood and is totally committed to making it an even better community is running for Mayor. 


She is the only candidate committed and capable to building on the momentum and enabling Lynnwood to reach its potential as one of Puget Sound’s most desirable communities. I encourage you to vote for Christine Frizzell for Mayor.

  ~ Jean Hales, Retired     former President/CEO South Snohomish County Chamber of Commerce

It is an honor to endorse Christine Frizzell to be the next Mayor of the City of Lynnwood.

Christine has a true passion for the city she grew up and raised her children in.  In 2017 Christine was elected to Lynnwood Council Position #1. During this time, she served two years as Regional Fire Authority Commissioner, Chaired the Council Finance Committee, co-chaired the Council’s Housing Policy Committee and served terms as Vice President and President of the Lynnwood City Council.

Christine’s ability to look back at how far Lynnwood has come in the last ten years has given her a vision for what Lynnwood is able achieve in the future.  Christine is determined to move Lynnwood forward in embracing and encouraging equity and inclusion for all in our community.

Please join me in assuring Lynnwood’s well-being is in the hands of someone who has proven herself to be a strong leader with high standards and compassion for all.  Vote Christine Frizzell for Mayor of Lynnwood!


 ~ Susan LeDeuc  Community Member