Connect with Christine

In 2014 I attended a series of classes provided by the city called Lynnwood University.  During those eight weeks I discovered so much about all our growing city offers.  I was excited to learn about our police, fire, roads, parks, even about our sewage treatment plant!  I began attending council meetings and began to consider what I have to offer to serve our city.

I ran for City Council Position 5 two years ago and after a full month of tabulating votes and going through a recount, the final numbers showed that I lost that election by less than one half of one percent - just 21 votes.  Since then I have continued to be involved with the City of Lynnwood as a volunteer and as a concerned citizen.  The last two years have strengthened my resolve to serve our community.

As an accountant, I have spent over 35 years working with numbers and helping business owners and individuals discern what those numbers mean for their businesses, their investments, their tax situations, and their families.

I value hearing your concerns for the community so that we can partner to make Lynnwood a place where we are all proud to live, work and play.


I am excited about this opportunity to serve the citizens of Lynnwood, bringing with me years of accounting and financial expertise, as well as knowledge gained from a wide variety of leadership, business and volunteer roles.

Volunteering is important to me.  I believe in giving back and doing that in practical ways by giving of my time and effort.  This is a significant way we can each care for our community.  I volunteer with and serve on the following boards:

Neighbors in Need - helping homeless and under resourced individuals and families

Jean Kim Foundation for Homeless Education - helping homeless college students pursue educational opportunities

Shepherd's Garden - housing facility serving low income senior

Living Interfaith Church - embracing people of all faiths 

I volunteer with the following organizations:

Cold Weather Shelter

Lynnwood Fire Dept Kids Camp

Verdant/City of Lynnwood Summer Walks




 I live in the same house I grew up in.  I graduated from Meadowdale High School as did both of my daughters.  My roots are in Lynnwood and my passion is for Lynnwood to grow and change into being the place where we are all proud to live, work and play.

Let's Do This Together!