Lynnwood is growing and developing at an ever-quickening pace. Sound Transit Link Light Rail is on track to be completed in 2024. The national tone of the county has highlighted our needs for housing solutions and greater inclusion of our diverse population.  In 2020, Covid 19 has taken a toll on our businesses and our community.  In Lynnwood, we remain resilient in the face of these challenges and we need collaborative, attentive, hard working leaders to continue to make fair and equitable decisions to enrich the lives of all who live, work and play in our city.


With increased population growth comes the need for additional housing and services. In 2020, I initiated and continue to co-chair our Housing Policy Committee to work with our Development Department and consider how to address both availability and affordability as we move into the future.  Businesses provide our city with an abundant variety of goods and services.  They are the source of retail sales tax which represents more than 40% of our city budget revenue.  I will promote increased connection and collaboration with all business sectors.


For over two years prior to being elected to City Council, I attended monthly City Finance Committee meetings to better understand the economics of the city.  With my finance background spanning more than four decades, I will continue to shine a bright light on budgets, accountability, and transparency in our city finances.




We live in a multi-cultural part of the country and we encourage and embrace that diversity in Lynnwood.  Mayor Nicola Smith instituted an atmosphere of acceptance and security of inclusion and equity in our city over the past several years.  As Mayor I will continue to support and promote All are Welcome Here.



I have been a strong supporter of the Lynnwood Police Department and its Officers for many years. I have been an advocate of the Lynnwood Community Justice Center since its inception.  I have attended most Cops and Clergy meetings hosted by the Lynnwood Police as they work diligently to connect with Non-Profit Organizations in reaching out to our community 


I was also honored to be appointed by my peers to serve as South Snohomish County Regional Fire Authority Commissioner for two years.  As I interreacted with both the Leadership Team and the Fire Fighters I developed an even greater regard for how they work and serve our community.


Building on my time serving on the City Council, chairing the Finance Committee, holding Council Leadership positions of President and Vice President, serving as Regional Fire Authority Commissioner, and the Lynnwood representative to the Snohomish County Board of Health in 2020, I have the experience to guide the growth and change that will shape our city during the next four years.