I am excited to announce I am running for Lynnwood City Council Position #1!  Our city is growing and changing at a rapid pace.  Of prime importance is managing that growth and all that comes with it.



With my finance background as an accountant for over 35 years, I want to help move our budgeting process and finances to the next level of transparency and accountability.  Citizens should know and understand how their tax dollars are spent.


Our city's Growth Management Act projects that many more people are expected to move into Lynnwood in the next 20 years and we need our roads to be better prepared for that.  We also have Sound Transit scheduled to begin in 2023. If we build it, we have a responsibility to maintain it.  We should also be better at meeting the safety and accessibility needs of citizens who choose to walk or bike.


We live in a diverse city and as we embrace and encourage that diversity, it needs to be done in an atmosphere of acceptance and safety from our youngest to our oldest citizens.  We each have a responsibility of kindness and care for our fellow human beings.


As with any growth and change, we have some challenges and they are challenges that our city is ready to meet.  And I am more than ready to be a part of leading that growth and change.


I live in the same house I grew up in.  I graduated from Meadowdale High School, in Lynnwood as did both of my daughters.  My first job was with the Lynnwood Library, which was followed by employment with Winchell's Donuts (yum!)  I attended Edmonds Community College and then transferred to the Central Washington University Bachelor of Science program at EdCC.  Next, I worked for a Lynnwood CPA firm, and then I worked for my uncle's landscaping company as his accountant and also installing playground equipment at South Lynnwood Neighborhood Park and watering trees that are still part of Alderwood Mall.

My roots are in Lynnwood and my passion is for Lynnwood to grow and change into being the place where we are all proud to live, work and play.