Diversity & Equity

I am committed to the challenging work of addressing racism and equity.

Lynnwood proclaims that we are a welcoming city.  Sadly, for many in our community this is not their reality.  I have extensive involvement with under resourced, homeless, incarcerated, and marginalized people.  These experiences give me a unique perspective.  We must continue the work the city has started and make equity real for all. 

Housing and Growth

As Lynnwood grows, that growth must be managed.

As Co-chair of our Council Housing Policy Committee in 2020, and working closely with our City Housing Action Plan co-horts, I am knowledgeable of many of the intricacies of housing and growth. We need to implement original and creative alternatives.  I am determined to meet the needs of single family, multi family, and missing middle housing through our city policies and practices.


I will ensure strong financial stewardship.

For three years prior to being elected to council, I attended weekly council meetings and monthly finance meetings and met with Finance Directors. Coupled with my 40 years of finance and tax experience, I have the expertise to lead our City budgeting and spending in an educated, transparent, and responsible manner.


I will actively partner with our wide variety of businesses.

As a long-time (34 years) small business owner meeting the accounting needs of many businesses, I recognize and understand the demands of growing and prospering businesses. In 2019 and again in 2021, I initiated a Business Roundtable for all of Council to talk with business owners about creative partnering.  It is imperative that we review and make our policies understandable as we move into a post COVID marketplace.

Organizational Excellence

As the Strong Mayor/CEO of the City, 

I will continue to require professionalism, process improvements and focus on customer service.

We must  find original, creative and understandable solutions to our challenges.  I believe in life-long learning.  In January I took classes completed a Certificate of Municipal Leadership from AWC.  We must be learning and networking constantly to stay aware of new ideas to implement.

I believe that by listening and learning, then implementing new ideas are key to managing our growth.  Implementing Sound Transit, addressing race and social justice inequities, and creating housing options are our top priorities.  Additionally, by building financial reserves to maintain our roads and parks,  and providing sound Leadership, we will build on the foundations of the last eight years to become an even more robust Regional Model.